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X50 Vita-Matcha 60 Serve Acai

X50 Vita-Matcha 60 Serve Acai

Green Tea X50

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Acai berries are abundant in nutrients and flavour! Naturally, we thought that we should make Acai Green Tea X50 with Vita Matcha to see how it tastes and we truly believe we’ve outdone ourselves with this one.

Adding a sachet of Acai Green Tea X50 with Vita Matcha will not only help with hydration but the marvellous antioxidants found in green and matcha tea, polyphenols, can improve gut health, promote glowy skin and boost your metabolism. The active ingredients don’t just stop there. With Vitamin B and Magnesium to help keep your body energised and recovering post-workout, it’s a must-add to your drink bottle daily. If you like Green Tea X50 then you’re going to love the NEW Green Tea X50!

Accelerated Weight Loss Program: Each pack of Green Tea X50 comes FREE with access to the full Accelerated Weight Loss Program (AWLP).


  • Contains green tea and matcha which has x137 the antioxidant power of green tea

  • Helps with hydration

  • Has Vitamin B to help turn carbs into fuel

  • Contains magnesium to assist with fatigue

  • Boosts metabolism
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