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R1 Energized Fruits & Greens

R1 Energized Fruits & Greens

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Energized Fruits & Greens™ combines the benefits of nutrient-dense superfoods with a naturally-derived energy and alertness boost from coffee, tea, guarana, and mate extracts. Free of artificial flavors and synthetic dyes, this formula is a "natural" for active lifestyles.

Energized Antioxidants

With a pleasant, natural, mixed berry flavor, each serving of Energized Fruits & Greens™ provides the equivalent of 1¼ servings of super fruits and veggies with naturally-sourced caffeine for energy and alertness.

  • 13 fruits and vegetables, including kale, wild blueberry, spinach, pomegranate, sweet potato, beet, cucumber, raspberry, cauliflower, carrot, apple, broccoli, and cranberry
  • 3g R1 Fruits & Greens Blend
  • Naturally flavored; sweetened with stevia leaf and monk fruit
  • Energizing blend of coffee, tea, guarana, and mate extracts — provides ~ 120mg of natural-source caffeine
  • 1g dietary fiber
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