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Alpha Prime Bites Cookie Dough

Alpha Prime Bites Cookie Dough

Alpha Prime

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  • Each bite is like a mini-celebration, loaded with protein and free from all that extra sugar. They're fun, they're tasty, and they're the perfect snack for your busy life. 

    We're on a mission to prove that delicious CAN be nutritious.

    We all love the snacks we used to eat as children - but we don’t love how they make us feel. Prime Bites were born when we noticed a lack of protein snacks on the market that actually tasted like the real thing.

    Prime Bites are packed with 19g of high-quality whey protein, 5g of collagen, and (most importantly) a taste that is indistinguishable from your favorite desserts.

    So take a bite and relax, knowing that delicious can be nutritious. 

    • 19 grams of Premium Protein
    • Fortified with Premium Collagen
    • Individually wrapped brownies for on-the-go use
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