Mutant Iso

Mutant Iso


Your body is grinding. Your muscles are pumping. Your focus is undeniable. Applying extra stress to your body as you push physical limits, means that you need to refuel with the most beneficial nutrients. To get the most optimal gains, you need the most quality protein. That’s a fact. 

So, are you searching for that protein that is not only made with the highest quality ingredients, but also tastes devilishly delicious? ‘Mutant Iso Surge’ is a ‘Gourmet Whey Isolate’ protein created with a mix of isolate and hydrolyzed protein, that offers 13 industry-leading flavours! 

A hydrolyzed whey protein is one of the purest forms of whey protein- no unwanted nasties. Protein chains are broken down into smaller protein particles that makes absorption time crazily quick. High speed absorption = high speed recovery and growth! Want to know something else? Its enzyme fortified formula further boosts the absorption rate... and the more you can efficiently digest, the better! 

Shake it up with custom invented flavours. You may want to opt. for the classic Vanilla Ice Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip? Or go mental with Mutant and try something new... Birthday Cake, Coconut Cream and Salted Caramel Chocolate- just to name a few. 25g of 100% gourmet protein per serve will feed your body and muscles with the protein it really needs. 

Take Mutant Iso Surge to reach your peak performance faster.

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